FreseConsulting coaching services offered through the Kets De Vries Institute

In general, discoveries about one’s behaviours are difficult to process alone. A leader’s journey toward self-discovery can be enhanced with the help of a professional coach who can provide a safe space to deal with the everyday dilemmas and paradoxes of their work and private lives.

One of the most powerful and effective experiences in leadership programs is creating tipping points through which participants make a “ah-ha” connection between their current choices in life, and their organisational and professional goals. These moments of insight often help people see where they need to change or develop current behaviour in a way that better supports personal and organisational goals.

Executive coaching can have team and organisational benefits beyond just individual change. By making conscious what had been unconscious and working to address dysfunctional behaviour patterns at the team and organisational levels, the consultant and the client can work together to uncover blind spots, challenge one another, identify behaviour for change, and experiment with new behaviour in their workplace that will help them advance in their career trajectory and future goals.

Coaching options


Individual coaching interventions address interpersonal relationships, and/or personal growth, and leadership abilities. They are highly customised around the individual and situation and may be used to uncover blind spots, get an understanding of strengths and areas for development, manage an existing business challenge, manage a transition from a personal and professional perspective, prepare for future roles and responsibilities and identify future career options and a roadmap for change.


The primary objective of a group coaching intervention is to foster courageous conversations that get to the heart of the organisation’s challenges. The group helps each individual explore his or her own blind spots, and identify options for growth and development in line with the organsation’s objectives. In addition to pragmatic action-planning, the group coaching session instils a culture of constructive feedback and supportive follow up.

This kind of ‘group contagion’ is a powerful way to bring about tipping points for change. A final benefit is the opportunity to practice peer coaching in a supervised setting. When continued beyond the intervention and into the workplace, this peer coaching relationship is a powerful means to support desired change.


When applied to existing, ‘natural’ working teams, team coaching supports and enables the realisation of a team’s performance potential. Our coaches help existing teams within an organisation achieve greater levels of collaboration and results, with a focus on key organisational challenges.

Ultimately, team coaching is about creating alignment, trust, and open communication among team members, so they may become more effective in implementing organisational strategy.


The objective of taking an organisational coaching approach is to create a culture where all members of the organisation are able to engage in candid, respectful conversations about how they can improve their working relationships and individual and collective work performance, unrestricted by hierarchical reporting relationships. Participants learn to value and use feedback as a powerful learning tool for personal and professional development, create high-trust working relationships and continuously improve job performance. Our interventions help people in organisations to be much more effective in executing strategy: vision without action is a hallucination!

These coaching services can be used individually or combined as building blocks to design a customised solution for your organisation. The aim is to implement quickly to provide leaders with valuable reflection space and new insights to apply to current realities and challenges.

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